Wielding Sharp and Pointy Objects: Combing 101

Combing class

Course Description

Producing smooth, buttery hand-combed fleece is a matter of practice, but it helps to have a foundation for that practice–to have an idea about how those sharp and pointy things that look like medieval weapons actually work, and what they can work on! The course will offer an introduction to wool combs and combing methods, allowing students the opportunity to do hands-on work with their own combs and a small selection of fibers (or their own fibers), and the possible chance to test drive a set which may be new to them.

Equipment required

  • Students should bring their own wool combs.
  • If they have fiber they want to comb, they can bring that as well.
Class limit 15 students
Class time 2-3 Hours
Class fee $50.00
Combs Rental (optional) $10.00
Total price $50.00



Instructor: Rhonna Robbins-Sponaas

Rhonna goes by “Trenchwork” in most of the online fiber community, and the nickname reflects her own philosophy. It’s always nice to live on the mountaintop for a while, but at some point the lessons and insights garnered there have to be taken and applied to the work at hand; inspiration has to be put to work in the trenches. She believes it’s important that we’re reminded to take time to breathe, to do things we enjoy, and share those things with others.

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