Spinning Woolen and Worsted


Course Description

Spinning woolen and worsted.   Intermediate spinning class

This is a class for intermediate spinners.  If you can spin a basic yarn, you are now ready to learn how to take more control of what you spin.  Learn to prepare the fiber and spin the yarn that you want for your project.  In this class you will learn the difference between worsted and woolen, how the fibers are prepared, how they are spun and the best type of fleece to use for each one.  Also the most appropriate end use of the yarn will be discussed.

You will need a spinning wheel in good working order, and the usual—oil, hand cards, flick carder, lap cloth.  You will learn how to Andean ply, or to ply from a center pull ball, so you will only need the 1 bobbin.

You will be provided all fibers for spinning and cards to put your finished samples on.

Please contact me for more information. atwistintime11@gmail.com

Class limit 10 maximum students.
Class time 4 hours
Class fee $50.00
Materials fee $0.00
Total price $50.00

Darlene’s Biography

Darlene lives in SW Missouri, raises sheep, and owns a fiber business, A Twist In Time, with best friend, Judy Crouch. She learned to spin over 20 years ago and has added the other fiber activities as her yarn supply grew. She now enjoys spinning, weaving, dyeing and of course teaching others about this wonderful world of fiber. She is also newly retired, Dec of 2009, and enjoying every minute of it.