Beyond Plain Weaving

Darlene Megli


Course Description

So lets do more than plain weave! By using pick-up sticks or just manipulating the threads by hand you can create many different patterns with your loom. In class we will do a sampling of different techniques to give you an idea of what is possible with this little loom! Lets get the creative juices flowing and see what happens.


Equipment required

Their RH loom warped for class. Scissors, 2 pick-up sticks, at least 2 stick shuttles, supply of same yarn used for warping. Warp needs to be either cotton or wool appropriate for the reed used. Please contact me for more information.

Class limit 10 maximum students.
Class time 4 hours
Class fee $50.00
Materials fee $0.00
Total price $50.00

Darlene’s Biography

Darlene lives in SW Missouri, raises sheep, and owns a fiber business, A Twist In Time, with best friend, Judy Crouch. She learned to spin over 20 years ago and has added the other fiber activities as her yarn supply grew. She now enjoys spinning, weaving, dyeing and of course teaching others about this wonderful world of fiber. She is also newly retired, Dec of 2009, and enjoying every minute of it.